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Gasoline-powered sprayers capacity:16 L/ 4 Gallons medicine box using high-density pp material, 1.5 to 2 L /Fuel tank,need Fuel 92 # above gasoline.Long-distance spraying: Water mist distance: 8 ~ 10 meters, smoke distance 16 to 30 meters,Spray volume 100 liters per hour,which can qui..
【Easy to Use】The electric ULV sprayer easy to operate, turn on the power switch and the handle switch to start the spraying work.【Flexible Spray Volume】Spray 20-26 feet of liquid to maximize atomization. And there is an adjustable switch allows you to easily change the flow of the fog machine used m..
Instructions for useThe interior and antibacterial atomization machine (atomization machine) connected to 110V power supply, open the heating for 3 minutes, to be the light of the handle button, such atomization machine can work. Handle Handling: Press the handle button to make the atomization machi..
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