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Supreme line of incontinent bed-pad is one of the finest reusable pads in today's market. They are available in various sizes. This 3 in 1 incontinent pad has an outer soft brushed green 100% impermeable barrier.The middle layer consists of highly absorbent soaker material along with an inner Canadi..
A seat protector is a waterproof absorbent portable pad which can be placed on any surface to protect from leaks and stains. The Top layers is made of a soft velour material which insures discreet comfortable protection. Our absorbent inner soaker layer channels liquids away from the surface and loc..
Tranquility Peach Sheet UnderpadUltimate capacity in an underpad! The Peach Mat core absorbs well over one quart of fluid. This product provides for exceptional skin dryness, odor elimination, bacterial control and pH neutralization. Four adhesive tape tabs secure the positioning of nearly 5 square ..
 No more middle-of-the-night bed changes with our premium mattress pad. Our design channels and locks liquid away from the surface to prevent skin irritation, bed sores or sleep disruption. The pad is placed over the bottom sheet to protect your mattress and sheets from leaks and stains. The tu..
TENA Air Flow Underpads58 x 91 cm (23" x 36") Specifically designed for use on low air loss therapy beds. TENA Air Flow Underpads allow for air and heat vapor to permeate through the underpad.Designed for use on low air loss therapy bedsBreathable non-woven backsheetSuper absorbent polymers for..
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